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Get fit with Morning Motivation!

Vibe 107.6FM will be working with Fit Start UK to get people up and about and feeling great in the mornings.

Morning Motivation will be featuring Fit Start UK founder Aaron Phillips, who will be working with Lee Partridge on the breakfast show from Monday 16th November.

The show will take place every Monday and Friday, from 8.30am to 9am.

The fitness and weight loss coach is hoping to "give everyone everything they need to know about how to wake up and start their day in the best way possible".

Aaron said: "I approached Howard [General Manager] and said ‘there’s not one person I know that doesn’t want to get fitter, feel healthier, have more energy, sleep better and be better with themselves'.

"Usually in the morning, people are always tired, quite sluggish, in a rush, have no time, and probably have an unbalanced diet.

"To engage them, we want to do something on the radio that hasn’t been done before. We came up with the concept of Morning Motivation and it’s a feel good factor for getting fit.

"On the show what I really want to do is give out the best content. I want to give people all the tools about nutrition, fitness, and hydration so people can start waking up better."

The 28 year old personal trainer and dance lover also wants to take social media by storm.

The media series called #AskAaronP will be introduced through Livestream to Vibe 107.6FM’s social media.

Aaron will open the platform for Q&A sessions where people can ask for tips, advice and more.

He added: "I think this idea will be able to give something back to people, especially with January coming up. January is all about fitness for a lot of people.

"This idea will be a high energy morning motivation show where we get people feeling good within a matter of seconds and give them really great content and advice they can go away and utilise."

If you’re looking to start your mornings feeling great and in shape, tune into the breakfast show from 8.30am on Monday 16th November, and keep an eye out for social media posts!

Written by Isaac Ouro

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