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UK Cinema-goers say watching films relieves stress

32% of Brits have said that watching films, especially comedy, helps them relax, according to a new study.

The research by Empire Cinemas also found that nearly one fifth of the UK see cinemas as great places for emotional release.

Happiness was found to be the biggest reason for watching a film (65%), ahead of laughter (58%), adrenaline (24%) and sadness (18%).

The power of film is clear; one in ten say watching a film at the cinema has helped them tackle a difficult issue in their lives.

Psychologist Dr David Lewis spoke about how films help watchers cope with their own problems.

He said: "An emotion-provoking movie offers an opportunity to display intense feelings in public without restraint or embarrassment.

"When it comes to tear jerking scenes, such as the moment E.T goes home, the emotional benefits are great.

"Emotional tears contain an array of beneficial substances such as Leu-enkephalin, a natural painkiller.

"As a result such tears reduce stress and make it easier to deal with other aspects of our lives."

Andy Dufresne's escape in Shawshank Redemption was voted as the most "feel good"

The ‘Cin-sations part two’ study asked 2,000 adults online what their favourite movie moments were.

Titanic’s the "King of the World" scene on the bridge of the boat was voted the most romantic movie moment.

The most feel good moment was Andy Dufresne’s escape in Shawshank Redemption, while the biggest tearjerker was voted to be E.T going home.

Jon Nutton, Marketing Director for Empire Cinemas, said: "From comedy, to feel-good, to action films and everything in between; film and cinema provide a real platform for emotional output for our customers and for filmgoers.

"People have been at their happiest, saddest and most inspired whilst watching films, which is evidence of the power of film & cinema and why it’s such a celebrated industry.

"Our ‘Cin-sations’ research has proved that the cinema offers customers not only a visual product, but a place to come and experience true feelings of all kinds."  

Star Wars: The Force Awakens provides the adrenaline action movie watchers love

The research also reveals that nearly one in four (23%) of the UK say watching an action film, such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens which has been popular at Hemel Hempstead IMAX, is good for them.

After viewing an action film in the cinema, 5 million adults say that they work faster and better at work, whilst 13% of Brits claim that the cinema provides their adrenalin fix.

 Justin Ribbons, CEO of Empire Cinemas said: "2015 saw some hugely exciting emotional releases, such as Inside Out and The Theory of Everything, which took filmgoers through a range of sensations, and 2016’s line up looks sure to do the same.

"Cinema is and always will be the best place to see film and to experience the emotions film brings out in us."

For tickets and listings on an exciting 2016 line-up, see  

Written by Isaac Ouro

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