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The Top Five TV Shows and Films To Watch This Week (2nd - 6th August 2021)

It’s a new week and an exciting one for TV and film! Reality TV and films are going to dominate your streaming screens, with lots of new releases coming your way to hook you in. Discover my top five, which you have to watch, below:

Cooking With Paris, 8am, Netflix, Wednesday 4th August: The original queen of reality TV is back with a new show. This time she is delving into her kitchen to help us create stylish new dishes. Including a very interestingly named lasagne. 

Undercover Big Boss, 9pm, ITV One, Thursday 5th August: Ever worried about what your boss might think if they saw what you really did at work? This series features high profile managers wearing new looks to see what their workers really do and how they feel about their jobs. Definitely one to watch. 

I Am, 9pm, Channel 4, Thursday 5th August: Starring three powerful British actresses, this show tackles tough subjects, including anxiety, marriage and family in an honest and open way. The stars of the show are going to be hugely talked about when it comes to award season.

Buffering, 10pm, ITV2, Thursday 5th August: If Iain Stirling isn’t keeping you entertained on Love Island, then he will in this. Going back to his kids TV roots, this semi-biographical comedy will have you laughing from start to finish. The perfect thing to watch to ease into the weekend.

Vivo, 8am, Netflix, Friday 6th August: Fresh from Lin Manuel Miranda, this new animation highlights the importance of music. Uniting us in different ways, the songs and script are incredible. It can’t be missed.

Let us know what you have been watching and what you are most looking forward to catching over the course of the week, via our social media pages, as we would love to know!

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