Zofia Hare

Zofia is a London based radio presenter. Zofia developed her passion for presenting at Nottingham Trent university where she studied Broadcast Journalism. As soon as she started student radio with Fly fm she quickly fell in love with it and In her final year at uni she won bronze for 'best female presenter' at the Student Radio awards 2019. Along with this she also does Voiceover adverts for Global, where she voices adverts for the likes of Heart, Capital, Spotify and TuneIn. 

She currently works at BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra as a freelance content assistant. You can get to know Zofia on Vibe 107.6 every Wednesday from 11-2pm. The show will often include embarrassing weekly dramas from her personal life and ridiculous things her nan comes out with! 

Follow Zofia on socials:

Instagram: @zofiahare

Twitter: @zofiahare

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