Stephen Bailey

Stephen Bailey is a self-confessed radio nerd who started chatting between records ten years ago when he was first let loose in a radio studio πŸŽ™οΈ. Stephen practiced at a hospital radio station before heading to a Christian commercial radio station in Bournemouth ⛱️. They let Stephen co-present a weekend breakfast show because they could spot talent ✨ - Well, that as well as the fact nobody else was willing to wake up at such an early hour on a Saturday morning! ⏰. Young Stephen spent hours doing whatever he could to learn the art of radio πŸ“». Some say he learnt & some say not - listen to find out πŸ”Š. Stephen co-presented as well as produced before being asked to do the lot ✨. The station had run out of presenters who were willing to work with Stephen because he was such a radio person πŸ€“.. Truthfully, Stephen went on to take the reins of Bournemouth’s weekend breakfast programme for over five years before moving on to the big city 🏒.


For someone moving from a little farming village then this was a big step 🌼. Stephen moved to London to continue studying radio πŸ“». While studying, Stephen could not keep away from the student radio station where he spent most of his time. He did a lot of radio programmes, however, for a lot of these they didn't go out on-air because of numerous technical difficulties which Stephen insists he wasn't at fault for πŸ˜‰.

Soon as Stephen finished studying he joined Vibe πŸ“». Stephen puts together Stephen's Sunday each week (Sunday from 9pm to 11pm πŸ•’) which is a fun weekly radio programme featuring lots of stunning records including a new country and pop track 🎼 & lots of funny things in between too!  

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