Peter Sherwood-King and Sam Mitchinson

Peter graduated from Reading University in 2014 with a degree in Film & Theatre. After applying to host a show at the student radio station, Junction 11, he found himself opposite his partner-in-crime and best friend since the youthful and easily-influenced age of 11, Sam Mitchinson. Since they were young, Peter and Sam found themselves performing and making music as well as presenting on platforms such as YouTube, forming a bond and style that could almost be interpreted as the "urban Ant and Dec".
A complete "cinephile" and lover of music, Peter's taste dips into all genres. Musically ranging from the likes of Andrea Bocelli to the lyrically-gifted A Tribe Called Quest as well having amassed a blu-ray collection of over 300 films (pretty cool, I know). Peter's life pretty much revolves around music and films. In future years he hopes to attend more festivals, having already been to festivals like Creamfields, Lovebox and SW4.
Peter and Sam
So listen in to Peter and Sam on Raw Vibes, every Sunday night from 7.00pm - 9.00pm!

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