Jackie Adedeji

Jackie works as a Roving reporter and Blogger in London and has worked for Channel 5, ITN and Winkball. She also works as a dodgeball referee (believe it or not!) and a Speed Dating Host, and hosts various events in London and works as a peer mentor on the weekends. Jackie had two radio shows at University at Nottingham Trent University, and has always enjoyed bringing a party on the air!

Self confessed Spice Girl Fan, Jackie loves to share her latest craziest adventures with the listeners (Beer Yoga, anyone?)  and play the biggest and best hits to the listeners from all over the World.

She grew up in Luton and has worked her way up in the TV industry, from running around getting Jimmy Carr's coffee to working for big shows such as Room 101, The Great British Bake Off and Channel 5 News. Jackie loves festivals, summer, new music and putting glitter on for absolutely no reason - at - all.

Listen out for Jackie on Vibe 107.6 and follow her on instagram @OhmygoshitsJackie

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