Flavie Belanco

Flavie is a radio presenter and music enthusiast from London. Catch her on Vibe 107.6 FM hosting the Raw Vibes show, every Sunday from 7pm to 9pm.

Before coming to Vibe, Flavie started her career doing studio radio at Roehampton University in South West London and Point Blank Music School in East London. She now has a long history in music working for various commercial, local and hospital radio stations and record labels.

Joining Vibe 107.6 in October 2018, Flavie initially started as a producer for Raw Vibes, but after covering a few shows, she was then promoted to full time presenter in February 2019. As someone who loves chatting to people - Flavie enjoys the different number of new artists that come on Raw Vibes and absolutely can’t wait to hear their new music.

When she is not at Vibe 107.6, Flavie can usually be found spending all her money on music gigs and festivals, as well as hanging out with friends, attending the occasional yoga class or chasing cute dogs.

Instagram: @flavie.elizabeth


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