Top Five TV Shows and Films To Watch This Week (27th February to 4th March 2022)

Romance, roommates and rags to riches. Each of these topics cover my top five TV shows and films this week. From the fantastic Peaky Blinders to a modern retelling of a classic feature, it’s time to stay in and snuggle up with these fabulous finds:

Peaky Blinders, 9pm, BBC One/iPlayer, Sunday 27th February: The final season of this epic series is upon on. Whilst we might not be ready to say goodbye to Tommy and the rest of the Shelby clan just yet, we are all ready for this new instalment. Even the trailers for it look epic.

Worst Roommate Ever, 8am, Netflix UK, Tuesday 1st March: Have you ever thought that the person you live with might just be the worst roommate ever? Well, this series will make you think differently. They are probably nowhere near as bad as some of the ones who star in this. If you dare to watch with said roommate, you will be ending your binge watching session thanking each other.

West Side Story, 8am, Disney Plus UK, Wednesday 2nd March: A classic story remade, Steven Spielberg has provided us with a modern retelling of this much loved musical. Snuggle up and enjoy this Romeo and Juliet style story, all before awards season really kicks in.

The Dropout, 8am, Disney Plus UK, Thursday 3rd March: The first three episodes of this gripping new dark show land today. With not much revealed about it, it is all a mystery, but one that looks fantastic from the reviews it has had so far.

Fresh, 8am Disney Plus UK, Friday 4th March: February maybe over, however the month of love doesn’t have to be. Spreading romance around the world, Disney Plus has created an original feature film, starring Sebastian Stan, for us all to swoon over this weekend.

Let us know what you have been watching and what you are most looking forward to catching over the course of the week, via our social media pages, as we would love to know!

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