The Top Five TV Shows and Films To Watch This Week (19th - 24th November 2023)

As the cold months settle in, we are being treated to the snuggly blanket of good TV! From reality shows to comedy, be prepared to have a lot of fun with my top five must-see selection…

I’m A Celebrity, 9pm, ITV One, Sunday 19th November: It is officially Christmas time! Ant and Dec are back to put a group of new celebrities through their paces in terrifying trials. And we all can’t wait!

Squid Game: The Challenge, 8am, Netflix UK, Wednesday 22nd November: Taking challenges from the hit show, contestants will be fighting for the ultimate cash prize in this new series. Don’t panic though, it is definitely not as gory as it.

Family Guy (Series 22), 8am, Disney Plus UK, Wednesday 22nd November: Who doesn’t love the Griffin’s? Returning to UK TV via Disney Plus, Stewie, Peter and co will be sure to boost your mood on Wednesday.

Fargo (Series 5), 8am, Prime Video UK, Wednesday 22nd November: Back for another explosive series, prepare for murder, mystery and lots of darkness. Every series is a hit and this one does not disappoint!

Archie, 8am, ITVX, Thursday 23rd November: Jason Isaacs takes on the role of Cary Grant in this new biopic. Taking us behind the scenes of the actors life, you will come away knowing a lot more than you thought you did.

Let us know what you have been watching and what you are most looking forward to catching over the course of the week, via our social media pages, as we would love to know!

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