The Top Five TV Shows and Films to Watch on New Year’s Day (1st January 2024)

We all know that New Year’s Day is all about kicking back and relaxing with a great box set of film. Luckily, our TV services have listened, leading to these five new shows being released just in time. Grab a blanket and snuggle up with…

Fool Me Once, 8am, Netflix, New Year’s Day (1st January 2024): Starting our new year on a strong note, this new series is based on the best-selling book of the same name. When a woman believes her husband has died, she is shocked to discover a photo with him in it. Could he really be alive? And if so, what has he been up to? Gripping stuff from start to finish. 

The Great New Year Bake Off, 7:40pm, Channel Four, New Year’s Day (1st January 2024): Four incredible bakers from GBBO’s gone by are back in the tent putting their skills to the ultimate test. Find out who is the first baker to win the cake stand trophy tonight.

Mr Bates vs the Post Office, 9pm, ITV One, New Year’s Day (1st January 2024): When a tremendous crime caused by a faulty piece of technology takes place, those affected, local postal staff, fight for the truth and their innocence. The story is still being investigated today, so it is interesting to see how it all began. 

The Tourist (Series Two), 9pm, BBC One, New Year’s Day (1st January 2024): Jamie Dorian is back as the leading man in this mysterious thriller. Now set in Ireland, the show is even more action packed. Get ready to binge the first two episodes with one on tonight and the other tomorrow. 

Peaky Blinders: The Redemption of Thomas Shelby, 9:25pm, BBC Four, New Year’s Day (1st January 2024): Peaky Blinders will forever be a huge moment in TV history, however, this version of the world famous Shelby story is very different. It’s a ballet version of the series, which changed the world. And it is epic! 

Let us know what you have been watching and what you are most looking forward to catching over the course of the week, via our social media pages, as we would love to know!

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