The Top Five Spooky Shows and Films You Simple Cannot Miss This Week (25th - 29th October 2021)

Sing it with me now… This is Halloween aha! Oh yes, the world of ghosts and ghouls is back for another year and this time it is bringing a whole host of new TV and films with it. Five of which I have selected to provide you with the ultimate treats. I promise no tricks will be had…

Night Teeth, Out Now, Netflix: Halloween is being celebrated early right now on Netflix, who have released this new gem. When a young chauffeur picks up two women, he discovers that they aren’t as they seem. The pair being vampires in fact. While it may sound a little cheesy, it definitely isn’t.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Out Now, Amazon Prime Video UK: Netflix may still be showing the newest version of the most famous witch in the world, yet it is Amazon giving us all the throwback feels! Placing all of the classic series up on the streaming service, major 00s moments will be had this Halloween. Costume inspiration is about to be resurrected.

The Outlaws, 9pm, BBC One, Monday 25th October: Although it isn’t technically spooky, the idea of doing community service is a horrible one! Starring Christopher Walken and Stephen Merchant, who created the show too, the pair a bunch of strangers to try and renovate a derelict building. However, it doesn’t quite go to plan. 

The Night House, 8am, Disney Plus UK, Wednesday 27th October: Disney Plus are giving us all shivers this Halloween, with this haunted new series. After her husband dies,a young widow is left seeing horrific images, causing her to delve into the life he led and left behind. This is definitely going to be one to binge on. 

Maradona: Blessed Dream, 8am, Amazon Prime video UK, Friday 25 October: If you aren’t a horror or Halloween fan, don’t worry! A new documentary is landing on Amazon Prime Video, looking at the life of this sporting legend. It is sure to be gripping.

Let us know what you have been watching and what you are most looking forward to catching over the course of the week, via our social media pages, as we would love to know!

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