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The Five Must-See TV Shows To Catch This Week (22nd - 26th March 2021)

Hey Everyone! This week, we are going a bit retro. From classic toys to food, I am delving into the best of the best. Including this week’s top picks to keep the whole family entertained. Bringing the old and the new together in many ways.

It is time to sit back and relax with one of these exciting features. You really don’t want to miss them: 

24 Hours In Police Custody, 9pm, Channel 4, Monday 22nd March: Back to give us another explosive look at the police system in the UK, the first episode in the new series will have you gripped from start to finish. Filmed in Bedfordshire, the series is very close to home, making it even more thrilling to see how the cops in our local area work. 

Strangers Making Babies, 9:15pm, Channel 4, Tuesday 23rd March: In probably the strangest pick of the week, this documentary gives us an interesting new outlook at what happens when two people meet and decide to have a baby. Sure to get us all talking and thinking, it is definitely a refreshing idea. 

This Is My House, 9pm, BBC One, Wednesday 24th March: The first of two home based shows, this competition sees four contestants try to convince celebrities that they own the home featured. Luton’s Stacey Dooley hosts what looks to be the new Bake Off. Just without the dreamy cakes, but more about the cosy cottages. 

Sort Your Life Out, 8pm, BBC One, Thursday 25th March: This is one show I have been waiting a long time for. Stacey Soloman hosts this cleaning programme that I am certain will inspire us all. Simple changes make a huge difference. If you don’t follow Stacey on Instagram, than you will be sure to do so after watching this, as her cleaning skills are brilliant. 

The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers, 8am, Disney+, Friday 26th March: Bringing back a classic feature in a new format, this show is one of many retro features that have been brought back to life. Bringing back some of the original cast, this new series will introduce a classic to a brand new audience, whilst birthing what I expect will be a new found love for ice hockey for many. 

Let us know what you’ve been and what you will be watching this week, via our social media pages, as we would love to know!

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