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The Five Best TV Shows To Catch This Week (29th March - 2nd April 2021)

Hey Vibe 107.6FM Viewers! A new week has arrived! Well, a new month has too! And with both comes my top five TV picks that you simply can’t miss, to ensure they both start well. From online streaming sites to the big four channels, there is something for everyone to delve into.

Picking which one you enjoy the most will be the hardest part…

Meet the Khans: Big in Bolton, 10:45pm, BBC One, Monday 29th March: It isn’t often that we get to delve into the world of our favourite athletes. With many preferring to keep their personal lives away from the camera, this new reality series delves inside the life of Amir Khan and his family for all to see.

Britain’s Tiger Kings - On the Trail with Ross Kemp, 9pm, ITV, Tuesday 30th March: Over a year ago, the world was obsessed with Tiger King on Netflix. Now, Ross Kemp is going around the UK discovering the real Tiger Kings. Get the leopard print pyjamas out and snuggle up with this mad but fascinating watch.

The Syndicate, 9pm, BBC One, Tuesday 30th March: Every time the BBC makes a new series of The Syndicate we just can’t help getting sucked in. Tonight’s newest member looks set to be one of its most interesting yet. Starring Neil Morrisey, Kym Marsh, Joe Sugg and Emily Head, plus many more famous faces, this is set to be one of the most gripping series of the year.

The Mauritanian, 8am, Amazon Prime Video, Thursday 2st April: Definitely not to be confused with The Mandelorian, this new film follows a defense attorney and her team, as they seek to uncover the truth behind a far-reaching conspiracy. All while looking into the case of a 9/11 terror suspect being held in Guantanamo Bay. Intense viewing is an understatement to say the least.

Bob’s Burgers, 8am, Disney+, Friday 2nd April: Whilst the channel isn’t sharing a new series, all 10 of the previous ones are being added to the streaming service. With the Easter holidays starting today, it is the perfect time to sit and binge-watch the whole lot. An added burger or two is a must.

Let us know what you have been watching and what you are most looking forward to catching over the course of the week, via our social media pages, as we would love to know!

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