The Best Shows To Watch On Christmas Day 2023

It’s CHRISTMASSSSS! Yes, the big day or days should I say have finally arrived. Bringing with them a whole host of epic TV shows, films and specials to enjoy. Yet, there are a select few out of the whole bunch that have to be watched as soon as they are aired. There is no way the following five can be missed or left to watch on catch up. The world needs you to see the following ASAP…

Tabby McTat, 2:35pm, BBC One, Christmas Day (Monday 25th December): This classic children’s book has been turned into a sweet festive animation. When a singing cat loses its busking owner, she is taken in by a family, who also have a number of other animals for Tabby to be friends with. However, Tabby is desperate to find her real owner. Find out on the big day if she does!

Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special, 4:40pm, BBC One, Christmas Day (Monday 25th December): Six new celebrities will be dancing it out to take home the festive trophy. Get ready to get everyone up and moving after dinner, with Christmas songs being belted out loud enough for all to hear.

Doctor Who: The Church on Ruby Road, 5:55pm, BBC One, Christmas Day (Monday 25th December): After an epic few episodes, it is time for a new doctor to take over! Discover the newest time lord and companion’s latest archenemies and alien adventures from this afternoon. From all that I have seen, it is one epic ride.

The Masked Singer Christmas Special, 7:30pm, ITV One, Christmas Day (Monday 25th December): Now, this could get a little argumentative, especially if the family has had a tipple or two, as you all try to guess who is behind the mask. Preparing us all for the upcoming new series, you will be jumping up and down in hopes you are right,

Call The Midwife, 8:15pm, BBC One, Christmas Day (Monday 25th December): The most famous nuns in TV history are back to help one of their own feel festive again. Can they do it? I’m sure they can. All whilst helping expectant parents along the way.

Let us know what you have been watching and what you are most looking forward to catching over the course of the week, via our social media pages, as we would love to know!

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