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St Albans MP becomes new Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats

Daisy Cooper, MP for St Albans. Picture: Liberal Democrats.

MP for St Albans, Daisy Cooper, has been elected Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats. The unanimous result was announced this week at the party’s parliamentary meeting. She will also continue her role as education spokesperson.

In 2019, Ms Cooper became the first Liberal Democrat MP for the constituency after the Conservatives were unseated. Overall, she won by 28,867 votes and obtained 50.1 per cent of the vote share, having previously come second in 2017.

In her new role as Deputy Leader, Ms Cooper is determined to use her previous success to further the party’s political ambitions.

She said:                     

“At the same time that Ed Davey, as our new Leader, is listening to and reconnecting with voters, it is my role to help build a winning campaign machine that will get Liberal Democrats elected at every level.

Liberal Democrats won St Albans in December for the first time ever. It was a seat we had never held before. But it didn't happen overnight. It took three and a half years. I am determined to use the three and a half years before the next General Election to replicate our St Albans win in many other places.”

Prior to her 2019 election win, Ms Cooper worked on the cross-party movement, More United alongside Commonwealth issues. This included campaigning against human rights abuses, and for better LGBT+ rights overseas. Additionally, she helped spearhead the Liberal Democrat’s adoption of ‘One Member One Vote,’ and has been involved in shaping measures to improve the diversity of party MPs.


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