Elected Mayor of Watford urges Watford FC fans to 'paint the town yellow'

Following the success of Watford Football Club reaching the FA Cup final, a live match screening for residents has been organised in Cassiobury Park for Saturday 18th May 2019.

The Big Screen will be part of a family friendly set of events taking place in Cassiobury Park for Watford fans who weren't able to get a ticket for the Wembley Final. The screening will start at 4pm for the build up to the match, which starts at 5pm. If the game goes to extra time (and possibly penalities) then the finish time will be between 7.15pm - 7.30pm. The screens will then be switched off after the medal ceremony.

Feel free to bring a picnic (but please don't forget to put your litter in a bin or take it home with you), however, no barbeques are permitted anywhere in the park.

'Painting town yellow'

As well as a screen, businesses and volunteers have been working on ‘painting the town yellow’, with volunteers from the 1881 Movement placing bunting across the High Street and Watford flags being placed outside the Town Hall.


To prevent roads in the Cassiobury Triangle (Gade Avenue, Shepherds Road and Cassiobury Park Avenue) from being obstructed by large numbers of people trying to park nearby, temporary closures for the roads in this area have been arranged for the day of the event.

Barriers will be put in place at Gade Avenue, Shepherds Road and Cassiobury Park Avenue where they join Rickmansworth Road. Stewards will be on hand in this area  to direct people travelling by car to town centre car parks and to help people travelling by public transport with directions and information. (If you are a resident on one of these street, the stewards will give you access to come and go throughout the day)

Please note that the Cassiobury car park (on Gade Avenue) will be closed except for event vehicles and disabled parking. The map below shows which other car parks will be open in the town centre.  

The closures will be in place from 7am to 7pm on Saturday 18th May 2019. Parking controls in the Triangle will still be operational and will be enforced on the day by the Council’s Civil Enforcement officers.

For more information about getting to Cassiobury Park, visit www.watford.gov.uk/gettingtocassiobury

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