The Great Pancake Flip-off challenge is on!

Picture: Home-Start Hertfordshire.

The St Albans Pancake Race is an annual event in the local calendar, which many look forward to.

Over the past 20 years, spectators have gathered along St Peter’s Street to cheer on competing teams, as they whizz past with frying pans in hand.

This year’s race was unable to go ahead in its usual form due to COVID-19. However the event’s organisers, Home-Start Hertfordshire, were determined not to let the pandemic “beat” them.

Instead, they have come up with an alternative contest for people to take part in on Shrove Tuesday (16th February). Suzy Moody, Strategic Manager at Home-Start Hertfordshire, revealed how the charity has “turned” its “annual traditional pancake race... into an online virtual flip-off challenge.” 

The aim is to get “a record breaking number of people together,” where everybody flips pancakes at the same time. 

Home-Start Hertfordshire are inviting people to join in with the fun online. This includes participating with family members, as part of a team or even individually.

Contestants who wish to dress up are being encouraged to do so, as this will help them “stand out and be noticed” on screen. Additionally, those entering on behalf of businesses may also wear their branded clothing.

Images of the St Albans Pancake Race from previous years. Pictures: Stephanie Bolton. 

Last year’s pancake race raised £3000. Suzy Moody explains how the funds enable Home-Start Hertfordshire to deliver its services:

“The money that’s raised goes directly towards supporting local Hertfordshire families who are finding it really tough, and need that bit of extra support.”

She went on to state the charity provides assistance to those “struggling,” and with "children under five.” The Strategic Manager added that Home-Start Hertfordshire helps families with “all sorts of different issues.” 

This included offering support to those dealing with “mental health, disability and managing children.” She ended by saying that some families within Hertfordshire were feeling “even more under pressure,” as a result of the pandemic.

Founded in 1973 by Margaret Harrison, Home-Start helps families throughout the UK. Harrison believed this support should be offered within the home environment, where it could best meet a family’s needs.

Last year Home-Start assisted 56,000 children from 27,000 families. The charity has operated within Hertfordshire since 1983, where there are nine schemesA local community network of trained volunteers and experts will support families with young children, through difficult times.

The Great Pancake Flip-off will take place from 12 noon on Tuesday 16th February, via Zoom. Entry tickets are £5. 

Participants are required to provide their own pans and pancakes. The record breaking flipping attempt will start at 12.15pm, after a short briefing.

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